Forbidden Luxe is for you. 

I created Forbidden Luxe as an online haven for millennial women looking to chart their own course through life. Sometimes adulting can be confusing and the pressure of dreams doesn’t let up to accommodate your learning curve. This is your handbook.

Forbidden Luxe Ash Nelson

How did this become my mission?

I stepped into adulthood and realized it was a wolf-pack. I was working a job just to support myself, had no idea what I actually liked or wanted to be doing, was struggling with depression and using online shopping via credit to numb the pain. 2016, the year of skipping meals, crying myself to sleep and smiling for my coworkers and friends. Then, one day I looked up and realized that I’d be stuck here forever if I didn’t start doing something now. I didn’t know what that something was, but I knew it started within.

Ash Nelson Forbidden Luxe

This online space was created at that crossroads: the intersection of glitter and grace.

Grace sometimes means letting your hair down and refueling your soul. Other times it means finding ways to blaze paths through closed doors. All the while, once glitter gets stuck to you it’s hard to get rid of. It will show up in places unexpected, like a life that feels directionless. In the midst of it all we still have to create the shine that gives us joy, even if it only comes in spurts or specks.

Forbidden Luxe Ash Nelson

Consider me your Digital Accountability Partner.

The testimonies and curations in this space are dedicated to helping women like you live their best lives. Here, you’ll find the tools you need to dig deeper into who you are and what you want out of life be it through discovering your purpose or the centerpiece for your next dinner party. Every little bit counts.

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