S1 E3: What to Expect When You're Expecting

Daydreams are the lifeblood of hope. They’re little pitter patters of the heart that allow us to step into our fantasies and live them. They’re the spark to feeling what’s to come if only for a moment. But what happens when you get stuck in your head? Could it be that our expectations can morph into our own worst enemies? This is Episode 3 and I gotta tell you, I learned the hard way that what you’re expecting ain’t always what you get.

No matter how hard we try against it, expectations creep into the heartbeat of our experiences. But if hope depends on believing for the best, and reality depends on bracing yourself for what may come, then how do we manage expectations between those two realities?


I love myself enough to demand moments of happiness and care even as the very act of being sometimes feels agonizing.

Journal Jumpstart

How do our expectations muddy the waters of our lived experiences? What more could we gain by releasing our them and thus letting go and trusting our steps to be ordered?

Ash Nelson