S1 E1: This Rambling is On-Brand

In a world, where being your own boss has eclipsed dreams of white fences in suburbia, the buzzword branded sticks to everything in its reach. Everywhere you turn there are tips and tricks on how to build your own brand and be your own boss. The two seem to go hand in hand. But, are we putting the cart before the horse? Are we so focused on the parts of ourselves that we can package up and sell that we miss out on the gifts that need cultivating instead? And what if what I’m good at and monetization aren’t such a happy marriage? It’s time we take the word “brand” back and put some respeck its name. This is Episode 1 and we’re diving in, head first, to explore how to put some more meaning back into who we are and what we represent.

We're jumping right in with Episode 1 to get to the root of why all of us are supposed to be our own brands these days and how we can trade in the fluff for some deeper purpose work. My excitement might have gotten the best of me on this one, but I got this word off, rambling be damned.


I love myself enough to use who I am now as a baseline and not a boundary for who I have the potential to become.

Journal Jumpstart

Let’s think about our brands as the values we represent and not the ones we can package away. What matters most to us? Who do we want to show up as everyday?

Ash Nelson