S1 E2: Traveling Graces

People make choosing your happiness sound like such a rainbow-filled, gum-drop inducing experience. Just stop settling to create the life we really want. But what happens when demanding more, out of life and its experiences, is the very thing that sends you into the tailspin of less. The head that wears the crown is heavy, not because of all the diamonds and gold, but because of the weight owning your crown carries. So pick it up and put it on honey. This is Episode 2, and I’m bursting through the doors of the Team No Settling Headquarters to sprinkle some traveling graces along your path.

Sometimes choosing to be happy isn't as simple as it seems. If walking in our most authentic selves is the ultimate goal, then why does the process hurt so damn bad sometimes? This is Episode 2, and I'm getting down to the nitty-gritty in the hopes that I can sprinkle some traveling graces all up and through your journey to wholeness.


I love myself enough to give myself the grace to pull back from the hard work of evolution every time I feel the need to come up for air.

Journal Jumpstart

What can we do to inject more fun into the process? How can we let up on ourselves a bit to recognize that this is heavy heavy work that we’re doing! What are responsibilities necessitated by our identities and the ones we’ve taken on as martyrs?

Ash Nelson