Why & How You Should Journal (If You Don't Already)

In the third grade at a parent teacher conference, my teacher told my Dad that I needed to start keeping a journal to develop my writing skills. That very same evening we stopped at Staples and bought my first black journal that would be the beginning of a new habit. 

Now, here we are and I'm still keeping journals. Not only are they interesting to look back on, but they also provide a new form of utility on this journey of adult self-discovery. This one activity, if done intentionally can be so impactful. 

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On Confidence

What is it about confident people that makes them so magnetic? 

As I've been getting to know myself better, that question has bugged me more and more. The truth is, as seemingly confident as I am, I'm really just faking it hoping the insecure parts of me will catch on soon. And while I wait for the memo to be received I've been searching for answers.

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