#Snatchedby25: T-Minus 11 Weeks

This week I booked the spot we’re staying in for my 25th birthday celebration. A house with 10ish women (who’s keeping count?), good food and the awaiting shenanigans has me so pumped for this trip. Seriously, 11 weeks feels so long now that I know exactly where we'll be staying and what we'll be doing. 

As I continue to add the following touches on this trip (thinking about party favors and decor next) I can’t help but realize how many more of these experiences I want to create for myself for fun and for work. I’d say throwing great parties is pretty on-brand for Forbidden Luxe and as 2018 gets closer I’m ready to double down on the processes and strategies that’ll bring me closer.

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This week I needed to be reminded that

Sometimes shutting up is better than being right. This is a tough one because, well, I love being right. Here’s the thing though. I’m trying to vibrate higher. I’ve gotten really serious about checking my energy so that the things I’m attracting are things I actually want. So, if I’m trying to keep the good vibes coming my way I’ll have to sit a debate or two out, ESPECIALLY when it really makes no difference either way. This week zip it has been the magic phrase.


Back in college I’d make these vision boards on New Year’s Eve to bring me into the new year with direction. I remember coming home from winter break and hanging them up in my dorm as motivation to stay aligned with what I saw for myself. It’s been a while since I made one of those, but this week I created a hybrid of the two. I took a poster board I had lying around and wrote “Hard Work + Faith =” in the middle. That’s my recipe for success -- hard work and faith. Then, with post-it notes I wrote down the goals I’m working on, both long and short term. It’s a vision board and a goal sheet all in one.

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BYOT (Bring Your Own Tunes)

April took me to a really cool event that I’m thinking of recreating sometime soon. Basically, everyone came with their best playlists and hooked it up to the speakers at some point during the night. It was hosted by Level Next BLAH so there were also performances by different artists on the label during the night. It was super chill and super fun all at once. You could dance when you wanted or sit back and mingle. I could definitely see this bringing a new element to your usual get-togethers. First, silent parties. Now, BYOT.

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Workout Wizard

If I knew earlier that taking different classes at the gym makes working out much more bearable I’d be snatched by now. Thus far I’ve tried: yoga, TRX, barre and mat pilates and liked them enough to make them a part of some sort of rotation. My last TRX instructor tried to kill me and I’ll admit it’s been a minute since I’ve willing gone back to another class, but that day will definitely come. I’m realizing that while being active is definitely necessary, most of the work happens in the kitchen.

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Overall, I’d say I’m feeling pretty positive about everything. I can feel myself getting better and ultimately that’s what this all is about. I’m excited to keep learning and growing and I head into this next part of my twenties.