#Snatchedby25: T-Minus 17 Weeks

Since I’ve begun the journey to a more intentional, more fulfilled path to 25, the ideas are just flowing in. I will say it’s been a little rough dusting off the complacency and getting back into the headspace necessary to execute these plans. I find myself oscillating between excitement for all the things I’m ready to get done, to procrastination, to extreme guilt and back again.

It’s still that stage of perception where there’s still enough time between now and then that it feels like forever. Meanwhile, time is flying. The paradox of life.

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This week I needed to be reminded that

Grace beats perfection. I’ve learned that beating myself up only discourages me more. Work days that ended in beating myself up in how much more I could’ve gotten done ended in ice cream on the couch and mental notes to just try again tomorrow. The weekend was the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and a new mindset. I’m focusing on each day on its own and whatever happens happens. Putting myself on a better schedule also helped. Currently, in the one-hour free-write portion of my day as we speak…

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Issa Photographer

Be on the lookout for better quality images from the kid. I got my hands on my very first DSLR. It’s a Nikon D3300. I’ll admit I know nothing about cameras. It’s been a while since I handled one of these babies. I’m nostalgically thinking back to my high school yearbook days where we would sign out Canons and be off to take pictures of pep rallies or tennis matches or whatever else. I can’t wait to add the title of photographer to my list of skills.

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Nelson’s Workout Plan

I finally caved and signed up for a gym membership. Not excited for the actually working out portion of things, but the amenities include both wet and dry saunas so I figure I’ll earn my time in there. This time around I’m going to try out some strength training. I’ve been looking into different workout regimens. Also, surprisingly, can’t wait to get into another Pilates class. I have never relished in being so sore. No pain, no gain right?

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black chicago bloggers

If I had to put a theme on it, I’d say this week was about the rebound. I’ve learned how to dust myself off and keep going, because sometimes we’re our own obstacles.