25th Birthday Invitations

After many failed attempts at getting myself to New Orleans, I decided that my 25th birthday is the perfect excuse. It’s been on my list of go-to cities for some time now and what better way to ring in a quarter-century?

With that in mind, these invitations kind of just came to life on their own. I knew from the beginning that I would incorporate Cafe Du Monde beignet mix into my invitations, but I thought I'd just be redesigning the packaging in Photoshop. I hunted down the matching font and all.

Randomly though, LaLa posted her birthday photos on Instagram and I knew that I wanted to do a similar shoot to capture the spirit of this birthday.  Perhaps I’m not bold enough just yet to post them in their full glory on Instagram, but incorporating them into my invitations was just the touch I needed. 

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Birthday Invitations
Birthday Invitations New Orleans

I'm so happy with how these turned out and the looks on my friends' faces definitely made the effort worthwhile. I will admit that I had to send a disclaimer to my older sister before putting them in the mail for her.

Along with the beignet mix, I designed my own “magazine” cover modeled after Maxim magazine. I ordered them as photos from Shutterfly with a pearl gloss finish to give them that extra pop. A quick run to the party aisle at Target made these invitations really come to life. I added these paper crowns and these confetti sticks to bring the packaging together.

Birthday Invites New Orleans

Who knows that trouble we'll get into down in New Orleans. I am definitely looking forward to a girl's weekend with good food, good times and good people. 

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