25th Birthday Party Favors

For my #MaximHot100 themed birthday trip to New Orleans, I wanted to create party favors that were a collection of things that make me feel my sexiest. There’s something about feeling your best that makes you want to conquer the world and it was important for me to share that sentiment with my friends who traveled from all over to commemorate this milestone with me.

So, what actually went into these bags? First I wrangled together the classic pairing a t-shirt and panties. The styles and colors varied based on everyone’s personality with a mix of plain white t’s and cropped tank tops.

Adult Party Favors

Next came my own essentials for when I want to spruce myself up without doing the most: highlighters and lippies. Each person got their very own Maybelline Master Chrome highlighter in either gold or rose gold and a couple of NYX lippies also based on their preferences. There was gloss, matte lip paint and lipstick in varying shades.

Adult Birthday Party Favors

The last touch were small Sugarfina gummy pouches. Adding a sweet treat in the bags really rounded them out for me.

And, for the packaging I designed these magazine covers modeled after my invitations and some Thank You cards to put in the bags. These were probably just the wow-factor these party favor needed to get everyone hyped for the weekend. Shutterfly came through with their pearl finish that took the designs to the next level once printed.

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Adult Party Favors

I'd been working on these bags for months and it was so hard for me to keep them to myself as I figured out what would go in them. My excitement almost betrayed me a few times because I was so tempted to just spill the beans and tell my friends what I'd cooked up. Instead I just kept hinting at how great these years favors would be. I'm glad I was finally able to give them away because patience was not my strong suit in this case. 

Cheers to 25 and the wonderful ladies who are always around to support me! 

Luxe At HomeAsh Nelson