#Snatchedby25: T-Minus 7 Weeks

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When I first started exploring God on a deeper level, I’d look for signs that He was talking to me everywhere. I’d look for them in numbers, in coincidences, in sermons, in...everything. It was during that time that I learned that 7 is the number of completion. With just 7 weeks left until this journey to snatched is over and something new blooms from that, I can’t help but marvel at how I am right where I need to be on this journey to self.

In 7 short weeks everything that was meant to be would have happened in order to ring in that moment. It feels like I’m putting a whole phase of life behind me and I’m excited to ring in that hallmark with a celebration before I embark on the next challenge. That’s really what life is about isn’t it? We go from one challenge to the next and take time in between to celebrate. Milestones big and small grace our lives everyday and the right perspective dictates how those are processed. 

This week I needed to be reminded that

You good, you poppin’. I’ve been playing the comparison game a little and I think it’s because I’ve found a rhythm. Distraction and doubt comes when you’re close to winning. Remember that.

Slumber Parties for Everyone

We spend our entire childhoods wanting to grow up and then we grow up and try to steal back time by doing the things we used to do as kids.  Ringing in Karley's birthday was no exception. 

I hosted a lowkey shindig (per her request), but, if you know anything about me by now, my lowkey and your lowkey aren’t always the same. Check out how everything turned out by clicking the link below.

Speaking the Same (Love) Language

I met this random guy at a party once in college and we talked for a whopping two weeks. During that time he had me take the 5 Love Languages test as a means to get to know each other better…

If you were wondering: 10 - Quality Time, 8 - Receiving Gifts, 6- Words of Affirmation, 3- Acts of Service, 3 - Physical Touch

Anyway, what that quiz taught me is that loving someone the way I want them to love me isn’t the move. In the same way, not everyone takes this quiz right, so it’s important to take stock of the things your loved ones do to show their appreciation and interpret it as such. You could be getting loved on all the time and not even know if because it’s not the way you expect.

I’m sharing this because my Dad had me send a picture of my refrigerator to make sure I’m eating given everything that’s been going on with me...love you too, Dad.

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Bad and Bougie

I forgot how much I love LaCroix Sparkling Water. This is an honorable mention because what better way to get your daily water intake and enjoy life at the same time? Proud to say that after this week I’ve tried every, single flavor. Peach-pear has my heart.

Momentum makes for cruise-control and that’s where I’d say I’m at. Things are falling into place and I’m just riding the wave and daydreaming about what I’ll do on the other side.