#Snatchedby25: T-Minus 9 Weeks

With just 9 weeks left until I turn 25, I’m reminded of high school where each semester was broken down into 9 week increments. The beginning of a new semester didn’t always mean new classes, but it definitely meant a fresh slate. I can’t help but channel that mindset as I look ahead to my quarter life celebration. Maybe I'm not embarking on some fresh new journey, but I can take the life I have now and treat it like a fresh start simply with a little perspective. Every day an opportunity to try something new. 

Ironically, even with lots more time and experiences under my belt, these days I’m definitely relating to my high school self more than ever. It’s a time where you feel like you know enough to make lasting decisions and everything that happens feels world-ending. What I know now that I didn’t know then is that those feelings don’t go beyond me. There is so much more outside the purview of my emotions and my job is just to sort through them and sometimes even survive them.

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With that in mind, here's how the last two weeks have gone: 

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This week I needed to be reminded that

Sacrifice is not just a noble word. The ability to do so is not about honor. Sacrifice comes with experiences that aren’t so pleasurable. Going without seems easy until it’s actually time to go without. Sacrifice takes grit and when the rubber hits the road your ability to sacrifice determines how bad you want it. Bottom line.

Thank You For Your Services

I got laid off last week. I’ll spare you the details, but I mention it because sometimes on the path to our purpose, certain things happen that we deem as tragic, that have to happen in order for us to keep moving forward. The security net that was my salary is now gone and for the last two weeks I’ll have moments of heart-lurching fear remembering that. I have a great family and support system though and they got me. I’ll come out of this season better than before. Wait on it. If you want to hear more gut-wrenching and less love and light check out this week’s newsletter by clicking the link below.

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Girl You Be Killing 'Em

So, with all this free time on my hands *sarcasm*, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to focus on Forbidden Luxe. I am proud to announce that as of today, October 2017 has been my most successful month to date. The most new followers across platforms and the most page views. I’m gearing up to launch into another season of Forbidden Luxe as well and realized that perhaps my personal growth and the growth of this platform are related because it’s something I’ve been called to do. Tablescapes might not be life altering, but light is contagious. Tapping into your own gifts can be just the thing to inspire others to do the same.

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Ride On King Jesus

Before hearing about the news of my job (the worst news I’ve gotten in a while), I’d been praying for a renewed relationship with God. Thus far I’ve known Him best when everything else in my life seemed to be falling apart. Honestly? I hate that. I want to be on fire for God even when my life is peachy. How can we create desperation in times of abundance? Working on uncovering the answer, but if you have any ideas pop them in the comments below.

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Bloody, but unbowed. I’m still grinding my way into 2018 and taking no prisoners. Once you build up a momentum it’s easier to keep going and that’s what I’m counting on in these upcoming weeks.

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