Letter to my 30 Year Old Self

Chicago Lifestyle Blogger

On the eve of my 25th birthday, I find myself thinking about the woman I want to grow into in the back half of my twenties. Here’s what I’d say to her.

This day is a milestone in the traditional sense. There are a lot of things that you’ve wanted for yourself by this day. Undoubtedly some have been checked off of the list. Others remain checkless. And on this day, your 30th birthday, I’d argue that those empty boxes matter more.

They represent fallen expectations. They represent disappointment from what you’ve decided was the best case scenario. As life would have it, specifically yours, God has a way of obliterating those expectations and replacing them with scenarios you’ve come to prefer, yet would never think of.

In fact, I’ve come to believe that the Ephesians 3:20 life that is exceeding and abundant, speaks not so much to literal blessings that are far more than what you’ve expected, but are more so an attempt to describe those mind blowing moments in which things come together perfectly in a way that you never would’ve chosen for yourself.

Those are the moments that deserve the most gratefulness because they are the ones that shift you closer to who you are. It is the pursuit of those moments, that bring us closer to His perfect vision for us, and makes us better in the long run.

There’s still so much more to see, do and become, but today we celebrate. We celebrate your resilience, vision and obedience in growing to this place. And more importantly we celebrate the new levels that lay before you waiting for a mindset that produces a new degree of surrender. Just when you get comfortable it’s time to move again and it is your commitment to the uncomfortable that has made you excellent.

Happy 30th, Nelson.