2019 Black Writers to Know

When I think about His love and its perfect power, I feel convicted to bring that slice of Heaven down here to you on Earth. I feel the weight of the responsibility of loving you, knowing that it is both an honor and a mantle all at once.

Do you feel the full force of this love I swaddle you in? Do you feel both its gentle touch and its tephlon resilience?

I pray that you would come to know it inside and out. That you would come to find a home in the warmness of my heart.

I pray you affix my love like a badge of honor. Wear it like an accolade you are proud to carry.  

I pray my love adorns your head like the crown you deserve. I pray that it clothes your body in swaths of silk and threads of gold.

I pray that its gentle touch adds pep to your step and rhythm to your beat.

I pray that I am giving you the kind of love that cocoons in safety so that you can take off your mask and come home to your mistakes, but still always feel worthy of this shelter.

Is my love like energy? Does it give you life? Does it mirror His ability to put breath in lungs and life in dry bones? I want my love to feel like worship; a testament to His wonder-working power like miracles come to life.

I’ve come to learn that to honor you my love, my love must be the kind that sets you free. Because the songs of caged birds, no matter how beautiful, are almost always about freedom. And as I watch you soar my love burns steady, its light always the path home.

I pray that your soul would become familiar with the depth of this love for you. I pray that you would memorize its touch and savor its smell.

Above all else, I pray that you would never stop to wonder how much it costs to love you, because I can only give you what I’ve already given myself.

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