Always Wear Nice Underwear

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The concept of superhero costumes is an interesting one. Interesting because while it is their powers that give the superhero both their edge and place in the world, it is their garments that confirm their identity. In short, their garb gives them the confidence to walk in who they are; to use their powers.

For as long as I can remember a part of me always took great stock in what I had on. The young me gravitated to gendered pinks and ruffles. The high school me wanted to be preppy with a splash of edge. And up until recently I’ve coined my style as lusty. You’ll get these curves and you’ll like them. Nonetheless, one thing has remained constant -- a love for underwear that did more than just make me feel sexy underneath.

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Sometimes when my mom would get ready I’d sit on her bed and just watch. I loved watching her get ready. She’d pull out her outfit with a twinkle in her eye, knowing it was the right one for the task ahead of her that day. Then she’d find the right shoes and accessories. Last, right before her shower, she’d saunter over to that underwear draw and dig until she found the final piece. With so many options somehow she’d always find the perfect fit. It was as if she was a superhero putting on her suit.

I dreamed of the days I was old enough for a drawer of my own that marveled hers, filled with lace, sheer and sophistication. I wanted my own artillery of superhero goodness.

Lesson # 98392: Always wear nice underwear.

As the years have gone I’ve worked so hard at loving who I am and embracing my own womanhood. There’s something so brazen about a badass woman who knows what she wants and projects it. Society will tell you that the outward dictates your worth, but the truth is that the more content I’ve become with what’s inside the more comfortable I’ve become in my own skin and the easier it’s been for me to own my powers as a woman, because yes, we have them. (cc: I am woman hear me roar).

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No matter where I am on that journey, great underwear always serves as a reminder of that for me. It’s my superpower that reminds me that I run the world. Confidence and power go hand in hand and the aura and power that women inherently possess is exhilarating. It’s Proverbs 31 strength that shatters all the stereotypes we’ve been taught to believe about womanhood.

Each day, when I put on my armor, I think to my mother and that bottomless underwear drawer that served as a reminder that strength and vulnerability could exist in one place. It reminds me that self-love matters most. It reminds me that the only requisite for pursuing your heart’s desire is breath in your body.

If she is indeed clothed in strength and dignity and does in fact laugh without fear of the future than my own superhero costume serves as a gentle, sexy reminder of that. I think about the way my mother dressed for every occasion with a style and ease that was inherently always her and remember that it wasn’t about the clothes as much as the authenticity of self. I’ve learned that you can be so authentic that it oozes into everything you touch. Your true self gets everywhere like glitter.

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When I finally got my hands on my first pair of lacy goodness, it wasn’t the actual underwear I was after. It was the power. It was the strength and mystique that I had a right to own simply because I was made to. There is strength in womanhood that cannot be ignored. With outside factors constantly working to dim our light it’s an important reminder to have at every turn.