Baby Steps

taking baby steps
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I always wondered why they called them baby steps. Why couldn’t we call them tiny steps or small strides or any of the millions of other phrases that could be used to describe taking one tiny trot towards something. Like a splash of cold water it dawns on me that baby steps are both small and bold in nature. A baby is a walking clean slate. It has no record of wrongs to plant the seeds of fear that keep us from trying new or again.

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A baby step is a baby step because it is full of awe and wonder that you’re even walking in the first place. It is a perspective that pushes out the darkness in favor of the miracle and wonder that this thing that you were made to do is, in fact, possible despite having never done it before.

When Matthew warns that childlike faith is our missing key it’s this mystique that he’s referencing. It’s try agains unmarred by disappointment.

I’ve been thinking about baby steps a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about how they ultimately add up to this grand thing -- all because you chipped away little by little until it was finally formed. I’ve been thinking about how all of my dreams are these big massive tasks until I forget about them holistically and just focus on doing one small thing that puts me marginally closer to achieving them. They seem like drops in the ocean, except one day, for some things they won’t be. Little drops turn into manifestations when you focus on the steady beat of dripping.

This season is about baby steps. Not perfect execution. Not detailed plans and road maps. No, this season is about waking up each day and doing small, teeny tiny things that set my soul on fire. I wake up and do things that plant seeds of consistency.

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When I just focus on today the pressure comes off. Tomorrow, I will hit refresh and worry about what that brings on its own. Nothing is connected, except that it is. Drops in an ocean and soon I’ll be floating.


Ash Nelson