Buttoned Up


The thing they don’t tell you, with their habits of high effectiveness and catchy quotes about consistency, is that life isn’t so buttoned up all of the time.

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If everyone’s not doing it because it’s not easy, then where’s the grace that comes with acknowledging how hard it is? Where are the shades of gray that come with knowing that wanting it bad enough isn’t the golden ticket it’s cracked up to be?

Detours always come.

And maybe we can all get to a place where the merit of our desires is not based on the output of our hustles. Maybe we can get to a place that leaves room for wanting more in seasons where we don’t have any more to give.

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Maybe we can replace all of these branded buzzwords with ones that acknowledge that life is a journey and we all simply get to our checkpoints when we get to them.

Because shouldn’t we all be pacing ourselves?