Creating Adult Party Favors

The best holiday of the year is my birthday -- don’t @ me.

No, but seriously everyone deserves (at minimum) one day to celebrate their very existence and to be reminded of how much they are cherished. That’s what birthdays are all about.

In the past few years, figuring out the perfect birthday celebration hasn’t always been easy. It even has me missing years past when Mom put everything together and invited the whole class. I feel good about 24 though. There will be seafood, boozy brunching and even adult party bags.

I’m taking a note from birthdays past and putting together a small token of my appreciation for all the real ones coming out to celebrate with me. I remember loving going to my classmates birthday parties as a kid, for the fun of course, but also for the goodie bags you’d at the end. I’m looking to evoke that same vibe for my 24th birthSLAY.  

Check out the 4 elements things I included to make their party bags a success: 



You always want to give your guests something they can keep for sentiment. In this case it was these adorable jewel green elephants. It happens that my sorors and I are also celebrating #J13 this weekend and so it’s only right since we collect them.

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No good party is complete without snacks. I’ve added in every girl’s favorite -- chocolate -- in fun flavors like Coffee Blast and Strawberry Cheesecake and included this Vitamin Water because they’re going to need to stay hydrated. 

As a fun twist I even customized the bottle labels. If graphic design isn’t really your thing, you can include cute thank you cards in lieu of being extra.

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There’s something about bubbles that says celebration and this is no exception. These miniature bottles of Mionetta Prosecco to set the tone as soon as they arrive. We’re poppin’ bottles.

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“Stocking Stuffers”

These are the random this-or-thats, you add to your goodie bags to round them out. My suggestion? Target. There’s always that $1 to $3 section in the front of the store where you can find awesome stuff. That’s where I picked up these calendars and straws to complete the look.

The major keys here?

1. Tailor your goodie bags to your group. For me that meant the elephants because in my sorority we collect them. People will remember the sentiment of the gift more than what you actually got them.

2. Presentation. Presentation. Presentation. I’m a huge fan of cellophane and ribbon because it’s easy, but looks like so much effort was exerted. It’s a quick and simple way to wow your recipients.  

3. Celebrate those who celebrate you. Ultimately, the whole point of this was making my guests feel just as special and appreciated as they did me.

If nothing else, people will always remember how you made them feel. 


Starting off my birthday with a token of love definitely puts everyone in high spirits and makes the experience worthwhile across the board. 

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