What are daydreams?
What are daydreams?

What if our daydreams are just prayers made thorough?

See, daydreams happen when we let the vice grip on our minds go. It’s where our hearts wander when given the freedom to.

That must make them travelers maps to the soul.

I think I’m going to start paying more attention to where my mind goes when I take it off the leash. What possibilities does it conjure up? What boundaries does it eviscerate with its freedom to be, see and do whatever imaginable?

Those are the things I’ll need to start chasing. Those are the things my soul really wants. And if this year is about more -- more me and less drudgery, then my daydreams are the perfect tour guide.

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If my soul can align, with the Creator’s perfect vision of this life for me, then I already have my prayers on hand.

They’re tucked away in my subconscious waiting for the next moment I get distracted and gaze off.


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