How I'm Thriving in 2018

At a networking breakfast a couple of months ago we went around the table and talked about what our words would be for 2018. Mine was thrive. I talked about how I’d been just trying to survive for so long. In the days leading up to that breakfast, I had become hyper-aware of the ways in which things were coming together to propel me into this new year. To say I’ve been ready to win, to thrive would be an understatement.  

But, the thing I always forget to account for is the change that comes with shift.

Everything that exists started as an idea. That means that before I could actually be thriving I had to be thinking that way first. The mindset that comes with thriving is much different that that of surviving.

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A tighter grip on standards means that I’m tolerating less of certain behaviors and mindsets around me. It also means that sometimes the personal adjustments I’m making to win won’t be understood by everyone. There’s always a tendency to feel a little bit of guilt. Doubt creeps in and makes you question who you think you are and if you’re deserving of the things you’re demanding. I’ve had to be unapologetic about changes I know are necessary because all doubt does is hold you back.


This means laser focus every single day. I have my vision board posted by my bed and every day I ask myself what I’ve done today that will contribute to those goals. Steadfast means unwavering. There’s no time to be wishy washy or change my mind. My long-term goals remain the same and so there’s no room to make excuses in the middle of the journey.


Surviving makes you take safe moves. You don’t want to do anything too crazy because you already can’t afford to lose. With the cloak of just-tryna-make-it off of me, I’m thinking bigger, moving bigger and expecting more. When I start to feel too comfortable I push myself to do something crazier, because the benefits are undeniable.

Black Chicago Lifestyle Bloggers

The blessings we pray for often demand more from us than from our circumstances. We have to change in order for life around us to. What are some of the things you’re doing to manifest your 2018 goals?