How to Give Gifts Everyone Loves

How to Give Gifts Everyone Loves

When it comes to gift giving, I never want to be the one who gets a fake smile and polite thank you because I missed the mark. Because I've had to do it myself a time or two, I know all the too well the feeling of excitement crash and burn once the packaging comes off of a lackluster gift. If you're going to spend your time putting a gift together anyway, why not make sure it's one your recipient will love? 

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A great gift is one that's both well thought out and personal. It takes patience and attention to detail. These days an awesome gift for me also means one that stays within the confines of my limited budget. So, with those three things in mind, I've put together a few tips to take your gift giving game to the next level:

Sentiment, Sentiment, Sentiment 

Before you even start looking for a gift, brainstorm a little about the person you're gifting. Put some thought into it. If you can bring up an inside joke or a hobby that's always great. Did they tell you've they've wanted to try something recently? Know their all-time favorite restaurant? Is there a void you can fill for them? 

I have a friend who's a movie buff. One birthday I got him a Regal Cinemas gift card and his favorite alcohol wrapped in a childhood comic strip he mentioned he liked. Another friend loves wine so her gift included a set of Crate & Barrel wine glasses. Last year, I made a "southern belle" gift basket for an Atlanta native, complete with her very own make at home peach tea. 

All of these things were quite simple and very appreciated. We're not reinventing the wheel here. It starts with the thought.

Customize each gift to its recipient. The magic comes when it's all put together. 

Think Outside of the Box

Now that you’ve narrowed down their interests, what could you give them? It doesn’t all have to be store bought, but here’s the thing:

People will only appreciate your ingenuity if it’s well done.

Set your budget and figure out how to finesse. If you’ve been broke before you’ve mastered the skill. Trust me. Can you find a free gift tag printable on Pinterest and print them out at work? Will newspaper make that gift box look more poppin’? Can you bake funfetti cookies for your friend with a sweet tooth? Anything goes here -- just do it well.

Write Something That Counts 

The worst kind of people let their greeting cards do all the talking. You know the ones who just sign their names inside? The sentimental part of me is always looking forward to the message inside of the card. The card is what's going to seal the deal on the gift all together because it'll get their emotions going just right.

Write something that counts.

Have any gifting tips of your own? Share with me in the comments below!