Mission Statements Aren't Just for Business

About a year ago I ran across a list of 100 goals belonging to Antwon Davis. He set these for himself to live a life by design It seemed like a cool idea -- I wanted a life by design too -- so I set out to write a list of my own.


Turns out after about goal 10, I was pretty stumped. Coming up with 100 things I wanted to do with my life was a lot harder than it looked. I was determined though, so I googled and poked around the web. A few Instagram photos here, a couple of about me sections there, and boom, I had a list of 100 goals to aspire to.

Where that list is now, I couldn’t tell you.

The majority of my list were things that would be cool if they were to happen, but that I wasn’t passionate about.

Stop setting goals that are about status and not passion.

How often do our aspirations mimic that pattern? We set goals for things that we think we want or should have, but are meaningless otherwise. If you’re a true go-getter, you wind up accomplishing those things, but to what avail? Those goals just flit around the ones that actually matter and suddenly you’re living a passion-free life of success.

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Personal mission statements are the filter for purpose.

Cue in mission statements. For so long I’ve only thought of them in the context of business. But then, I was watching an episode of Sister Wives and the Brown family intrigued me when they too decided to write a mission statement for their family. Turns out that not having and EIN won’t bar you from assigning that kind of purpose to your life. In fact, it’s just the level of intention your life may actually need to grind for things that actually matter to you.

The short and sweet of it is that a mission statement is your why. It’s a concise summary of why you do what you do. Used in business, mission statements help guide the ventures of a company. A good mission statement makes business strategy clear.

A personal mission statement works the same way; it offers the opportunity to get down to your why, thus making your life’s strategy easier to develop.

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What do I put in mine

The ingredients of your personal mission statement should be: the things you’re good at, things you love doing, your core values and how you want to use those three things to impact the world. It’s a balanced formula that answers the question: how do the things I like doing and the things I’m good at come together to serve others.

With a mission statement in hand it becomes that much easier to start narrowing down the things that don’t really matter, but you’ve been going after anyway. You’ll hit your sweet spot every time and be able to design a life that really matters. It’s what I wish I would have done before writing a list of 100 goals.

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