What a Great Gatsby Party Taught Me About Living My Best Life

This past weekend I got to go to a Great Gatsby themed birthday party that was so much fun. Half of the adventure was figuring out what I’d wear. I’ve never been a big costume gal to begin with, but as I embarked on the journey I told myself that I didn’t want to buy anything that I couldn’t wear again. Thus, the search for an outfit turned into an exercise in bringing the vibe of the 20’s into my present day. Because life has an uncanny way of teaching you lessons should you stay open to them, a 30th birthday party turned into confirmation and a reminder all at once.

Great Gatsby Outfits Women
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Okay so, a little history. The 1920’s (Jazz Era) was marked by extreme opulence. Folks had just come home from war, the economy was bussin’ and everyone wanted to make the most out of life and have a good time. More is more became the new mindset where no expense was spared for the sake of a good time. Legit or illegal, no one cared. They were securing the bag and getting lit along the one. Mansion parties, speakeasies, if you didn’t know where to be on a Friday night it’s because you lived under a rock...at least that’s how the history books write it.

Think about that: a period of despair inspired a cultural shift in which it now became the norm to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest.

A few week’s back in my weekly #GutCheck Wednesday e-blast, I talked about how a scarcity mindset keeps us from prospering now. Thinking that you don’t have it is fuel for procrastination. For me, that scarcity mindset has been structured around money. More specifically it’s been structured around the experiences I’ve been keeping myself from creating because of what I can’t afford.

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Great Gatsby Outfits for Women

In a quest to shake the scarcity off of me I’ve been really honing in on my energy and my work ethic. It’s an excuse free season in which the only solution is to find a way. I’m having fun, I’m realigning my thoughts and I’m grinding, period. I guess I realized how miserable I’d be at 30 or 40 or whenever when I looked back at my 20’s and realized that maybe I could’ve squeezed more fun and hope into them, just by trying harder to live in the moment. A Roaring 20’s party reminded me that I need to roar now.

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The time spent researching (for outfit purposes) reminded me that these are my roaring 20’s. They haven’t been perfect. There have been lots of bumps along the road, but it’s the desire to live more and be more that marks the experience, not the obstacles that pop up along the way. Obstacles are a part of life and it’s so very easy to let them break you. But, who says being broken is the end all be all?

When I look back on my 20’s I want to remember the great times I had in a living room without a sofa because I couldn’t afford one. Or looking for freelance jobs so I could pay for a vacation. I want to remember the pain, but I also want to remember the grit that made me.

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