Partner Prayers

Praying for your Husband

This all started out as a random challenge to myself not to be taken too seriously, but I’m going with it.

I will say it feels a little cringey to be praying with this much specificity over a person who has yet to manifest in this capacity in my life, while also just barely gracing my late twenties. It also started as a joke, a #CiaraChallenge of sorts, after seeing yet another tweet imploring her to share what she asked God to get a man like Russell Wilson.

“Sis, what did you ask Him for in exact words please?”

“God I have seen what you’ve done for others.”

I read those things and I wondered to myself if I knew what I wanted in a union.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last few years defining myself, setting the boundaries I deserve, learning my own intricacies. This seems like something that would be good to know too, just to have on hand. I know I want to get married, but what do I want that partnership to look like?

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And so here goes as it came to me:

- Purpose-Minded. We aren’t just here to love each other — how does our union make our environment better? How does it change lives?

- Visionary. Big Thinker.

- Family values

- Financial security

- Expresses emotions in a healthy way

- Communicator

- Leader in our union and in life

- Affirming

- Matches my fly - nice sense of style

- Chill, calm demeanor.

- Rock. solid. Handles pressure well.

- Problem solver/solution oriented

- Romantic

- Evolving. Committed to that evolution. Loves God and has a 1:1 relationship with Him.

- A good friend who is fun to be around

- Passionate with clear values

- Whole. And sure of himself and his convictions. Confident.

After getting through this list I realized that part of knowing what I want in a partner means knowing myself. I realized that a lot of those characteristics are things I see both in myself and for myself. I realize that creating boundaries means knowing what falls in those bounds to begin with.

Guess all that’s left to do now is pray.