Lived to Regret It

how to deal with regret

There are a lot of things I regret. A lot of experiences that made me who I am today but that I could’ve done without.

I think it’s a noble act, really — seeking to have a life that is regret-free. However, it’s one of those things that skews way too optimistic for my scale. As much as I’d like to look at a glass and see it bubbling over, the memories are burned into my brain.

While I am regretful over a handful of things, I am also thankful that I lived to regret those things.

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I’m thankful for the strength that comes from heartbreak. Blessed by the caution that disappointment breeds. In constant pursuit of the humility borne from being knocked down.

I don’t find it necessary to become regretless, simply because regret is a reminder of grace and grace a reminder of mercy and mercy a reminder that despite your best intentions you’re still only here because of the one who made it so.

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I have lived to regret a lot of things and that knowledge doesn’t clip my wings.

In fact, it gives me permission to soar — that I could live and regret and still come out on top.

And sure, a different decision here or there might very well have created a different me, but I am inclined to believe that I’d be just as happy with that person as I am with this one.

Would I even really know the difference?