Relax and Reset: A Musing About Vacations and Fresh Starts

Vacations are a necessary evil. Necessary because it’s very important to take time out to decompress. Evil because once you’re that relaxed who wants to step back into reality?

I’m back from a weeklong adventure in Barbados for #Cropover2017. It was my first time doing anything of the sort, but Rihanna definitely led by example. Going away gave me time to just be. I wasn’t thinking about anything, but my tan. I didn’t have to be anywhere, but a party or the beach. It reminded me how carefree is the perfect balance to disciplined sometimes.


This vacation also came at the perfect time because when I returned I moved into a brand new apartment, signifying for me a relax and reset. Now that I’m (almost) settled it’s time to put the pedal back on the metal. In a way, starting anew is the best way to do that.

Although I’m technically picking up where I left off with Forbidden Luxe, in other areas of my life this change in atmosphere is like a rebirth. It really has me thinking about how fresh starts are the catalyst we need for change and how I can create them on a more regular basis, without necessarily doing something drastic like changing my address.

How often do we think we’re allowing ourselves a fresh start when we’re really just carrying the baggage of our experiences into the new thing? And what would happen if we truly were to let go and give ourselves the grace to just start over?

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On the day of my move a felt a small twinge of inexplicable sorrow that I later realized was a learned response. The past few years have conditioned me to consider life-altering moments as ones that come with pain. In a lot of ways my major life changes have first been ignited by hell. There is definitely beauty for ashes, glitter and grace in my story, but pain nonetheless.

Realizing that this is a blank slate in front of me is my first step in developing a new perspective as it comes to change, to fresh starts. I have the opportunity to develop new routines and habits and to press into my vision unlike ever before because I’ll have the space to do so on my own terms. A break away from the home I’ve known for two years of metamorphosis to the home I’m creating on the other side of that transformation means a chance to write a new story. I could carry the doubts with me into this next season, but then what would be the point of starting fresh?

You could carry the doubts with you into this next season, but then what would be the point of starting fresh?


We have to start looking at fresh starts on their own, without sullying them with the pain that sometimes brought them on. Of course it’s a process that’s easier said than done, but a life full of growth and realizing potential means that you’ll always be starting anew. There are bruises and scrapes and scratches that come with your journey -- accept that. What I’m teaching myself in this season is that they don’t have to color your experience to make it overcast.

There are bruises and scrapes and scratches that come with your journey -- accept that.


Start fresh. Plant again. Stretch and grow.