In just five short months I will be turning 25. As I usher in my next big milestone birthday, I welcome a quarter-life crises in with it. In between planning the big birthday, I am having mini panic-attacks about how much I still want to accomplish and how little of it I am. It’s the common problem of being unable to rejoice in the moment mixed with a splash of type-A and a sprinkle of delusion. I guess from ashes come beauty; freaking out about all the grinding ahead of me is also spurring me into action. I’m (finally) sticking to a real budget, eating my veggies and holding myself accountable for more than I ever have before.

As I sat at my desk today and finished off the last of the healthy snacks I’d packed for the day -- pineapple, I patted myself on the back for this newfound commitment to getting #SnatchedBy25. I’ve been drinking more water, taking my vitamins and eating less meat in the hopes that my body will get in formation. Part of the reason is because  I decided to theme this year’s birthday celebration around Maxim’s Hot 100 issue. Every year since 2000, Maxim has released a list of the 100 sexiest women alive. If I can say anything about 24 it’s that I’ve been feeling myself, hence the theme. It is quite fitting.

But then, pineapple aside, I realized that maybe I should be more intentional about getting my life together holistically. Health is a great start, but what about all of the other moving pieces?

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So, I’ve decided to grind ‘til the New Year and milestone birthday. This season will be a concerted effort at living my best life. It’s time to ramp things up again. I’ve been jokingly telling my best friends that once I unpack the last box of my new place they won’t be seeing me; I’m going to lock myself away to just work. Blame it on the quarter-life crisis. #SnatchedBy25 is about more than just looking good in the outfits I plan to wear. It’s about developing new habits that will propel me into my late-twenties.

Naturally, that’s a journey I’m looking to document here, on Forbidden Luxe where we’re all just trying to figure it out one day at a time. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some oldie but goodies around personal development, but I’m also pushing myself to do what I set out to. You’ll be getting recipes, tablescapes and even a little decor as I work at settling into my new life.

Isn’t it crazy that just as I was about to reach a milestone in age, I also turned a new chapter in life? God sure is mysterious.

Thanks for supporting me thus far. In just a few weeks here, I’ll also be launching my first digital product, The Strategy Pack, to help us all stay on track as we journey towards our goals. If you're still wondering where you're even journeying too, grab this free workbook that'll help you nail down your purpose; ordered steps need a destination after all. 

I can't wait to see what the next five months bring. It's time for a little sweat and muscle to propel ourselves to the next level. I plan to burst into 2018 full speed and that means getting a running start now. Care to join me?

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