Soul Shifting

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The magic in evolution comes from the way your perception of life changes without you full realizing it. Evolution is this thing that happens over time. It’s an undertaking so large that you have no choice but to zone in and tackle life one step at a time.

A process like that makes it so that you don’t realize you’re moving or even changing until you’re faced with a familiar situation and it hits differently. This new version of you shows up instead of the you that you’re used to. It’s a lightbulb moment that illuminates the path you’ve been on as if you’re seeing the world for the first time. You’ve been moving with blinders on.

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That shifting feels like magic every time. It produces just the right amount of chest puff to let you know that the struggles are always worth it. That all things are caused for good for those who believe it. It’s a moment in which the things that mattered then, no longer matter now because you’ve evolved into a being who transcends the trivial.

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The space has been cleared to land exceeding and abundant in your life. Your runway is open for more growth, more challenges, more fruit.

And the real wonder of it all? Evolution is a series of many of these moments piled atop one another over and over again. There’s always one to be had. Always a path to be illuminated.

From the wrong purview it can look like a series of unfortunate events, but in fact it’s just soul shifting.