Budget Tips For Updating Bedroom Decor

When I was growing up every year on the first day of Spring, no matter what you had planned, you were cleaning. I’m talking about deep cleaning too -- getting rid of old clothes, organizing books, mopping, dusting, clearing out the garage. Nothing was off limits.

Whilst living in Miami it didn’t make much sense to me; we only have two seasons there: rainy or not. These days though, Midwest winters have me anticipating the springtime more and more each year. Not only is the weather a welcome relief, but now it’s also a sign of new beginnings.

Spring comes after the winter when everything has been stripped away and ravaged by the cold. It’s a sign of new life, the flowers begin to bud and life starts anew. For someone who loves to retreat to her bedroom to decompress, my decor means a lot. My bedroom is a huge source of peace. It’s always fun to upgrade my decor to match the seasons as it helps keep things fresh. You have to maintain your zen somehow, right?

Here are 4 easy ways to update your room decor:


This is the easiest way to change up the aesthetic of your room. Your bed is the centerpiece to begin with. Switch out your comforter and sheets to set the tone. Looking for a more affordable, storage conscious way to do this? Duvet covers. They will seriously change your life. Invest in a good down (or alternative down for all my fellow allergy prone folks out there) comforter once and have your way with duvet covers of all price ranges.

Accent Pillows

You can use these to add pops of color to your scheme or even introduce prints. Much like the concept of a duvet cover you can buy covers to fit your pillows and switch them out to your heart’s desire. If you’re feeling like a DIY project, grab some fabric from your local store and try your hand at these no-sew pillow covers.


April showers bring May flowers, right? I told myself that this is the spring I’d introduce house plants into my realm. The palm plants remind me of summer, home and the beach I’d rather be sipping cocktails on right now, but there are plenty of different options to choose from large and small. As a double portion, here’s a cheat code: Target sells adorable faux plants. You’re welcome.

Decorative Accents

To add on the finishing touches, switch out your knick knacks. Throw some new accents on your nightstand or dresser and it’ll feel like a brand new room. You don’t have to break the bank with these either, which makes them a win-win in my book.

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