The Year of More

how to stick to new year's goals

My word for 2018 was thrive. I remember choosing it with a confident joy that assured me that in 2018, the world would be my oyster and the tide would change.

The thing about high tides is that even when you’ve come to expect them, they still overpower everything in sight. What was supposed to be a year of thriving turned into another year of surviving. From that pit I told myself it was the last year I’d set rigid expectations and goals and benchmarks for myself.

This resolution birthed out of hopelessness ultimately ended up being 2019’s saving grace. Without writing S.M.A.R.T., immaculate details about the things I’ll accomplish this year, I’ve still dubbed it the year of more. More me than last year, and the year before that.

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In 2019 I have one intention and one intention only; to follow my inner voice on a path that’s new yet still feels like home. Before ringing in this new year, I sat down and really thought about what a dream year would look like for me. Those things are written in a sealed envelope on my mantle. Those things are the desires of my heart. In a year’s time if I really held true to my intention then I will be that much closer to having accomplished them. If not, I will have a life that feels perfectly suited for me nonetheless.

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In 2019 I’m doing what feels good and natural. I’m creating content I am proud of. I’m listening to my instincts. I’m laughing and loving on myself. And I am committed. My inner voice isn’t specific or measurable or achievable or relevant or time-bound, at least not by ordinary standards, but it’s the most authentic thing I have. In 364 days, that alone will be something to cheers to.