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There’s a point you reach when you’ve been waiting long enough. It’s right when the dust has settled and you’ve stretched as far as you can. There is nothing left to give and don’t really know what your next move would be should one be solicited by circumstance.

It’s usually at this point that the results come. At least that’s what they’ve said. We’ve heard that hard work and tears and blood and sweat are always repaid by some manifestation of some thing that makes it all worthwhile.

But sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Sometimes you’ve toiled and cried and bled and perspired and still have nothing to show for it. All of that work and pieces of your soul, and yet you’re still empty-handed.

What is the point of those moments, seemingly designed only to create a sense of defeat and hopelessness? They are reminders. Reminders that the world is bigger than you. They are reminders that even when you have it all under control, you’re still resting in the palms of the one that controls it all.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in this formulaic lifestyle. It’s easy to start thinking that the world is black and white when you haven’t had to live in any shades of gray. The roadblocks come to remind you that the power you think you have, the favor you’ve taken for granted, was never really about you to begin with. You are connected to a larger purpose for better or for worse.

And so you wait. You wait until it’s time to pass go again.

And maybe that was the point all along. Maybe the toiling and crying and bleeding and perspiring were all manifestations of your ego to begin with. Maybe the belief that you alone can manifest, whenever and wherever, just because your two hands have the power to create needs to be rattled sometimes. Maybe we always need a moment to slow down and catch our breath.

Because sometimes we all need to be reminded that the world is bigger than us. We need a reminder that even when we have it all under control, we’re still resting in the palms of the one that controls it all.