What's A Jumpstart Journal?

Guided Journals Forbidden Luxe

When I launched Forbidden Luxe in 2016, it was my own version of therapy.

As I worked through the intricacies of a new life filled with cataclysmic changes and a blank slate, I grew excited at the prospect of empowering other women with my testimony. I made the mistakes so you can be free to make different ones.

Since this was my outlet to do all the things I loved, but couldn’t at my catering job I grew hypnotized at the prospect of making money from something that was so special to me. I quickly got sucked into the world of master classes, six-figure bloggers and business coaches. As I worked through these strategies, some of which I paid to learn, I felt myself shifting away from the thing that started it all — authenticity.

So I took a step back in favor of more dirt under my fingernails and creating without rules.

With that journey in mind, I am so excited to announce the release of my first ever guided journal.

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It’s something I always knew would fit into the tapestry of what I’m doing here at Forbidden Luxe without plucking me away from my mission and manifesto.

So What’s A Jumpstart Journal?

Dubbed the “jumpstart journal” these babies are designed to pair one of my all time favorite, tried and true practices with the topics of life we’re all desperate to master. Put simply, a jumpstart journal is a special curation of thought starters, guided activities and, well journal pages, designed to get you into the rhythm of journaling and into the practice of inner work.

Whether a journaling newbie or novice, I’d like to think that they will add a fresh spark to your routine.

The Self-Love Series

My inaugural journal is called The Loving&Breathing Jumpstart Journal, designed as the crown jewel of Forbidden Luxe’s self-love series. I went through my own journey of discovering who I am and how I could love that person better and ended up with lots of yummy content around the topic. Check it out here.

This is a special moment that marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life and Forbidden Luxe as we know it. So excited to have you here on the journey with me, and the main reason I’m event taking out the time to write this blurb is because you never forget your first. I want to look back and remember how it started. Plus, if I’ve learned anything about self-love in this last year it’s that you should always be first in line to celebrate yourself.

So with that,




The Loving&Breathing Jumpstart Journal was designed to be the soil through which love of self sprouts, by sowing seeds of reflection and self-discovery.