Year One

black female bloggers to know

One year down, a lifetime to go. On this anniversary, I’d like to share what I’ve learned thus far.

1. Limit Yourself, But Life Goes On

The limits you place on yourself, the excuses for why you can’t, those things may feel like they stop the clock in your own life, but the world keeps moving. While you’re stuck waiting for the courage to execute, the world keeps growing and moving and producing around you. Limit yourself, but life goes on.

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2. New Beginnings Come As You Please

As you learn you grow, so be flexible enough to allow for things around you to change to accommodate that growth. Every day can be a fresh start, you don’t need an excuse to call this chapter the beginning. No resolutions or first of the months necessary. You don’t need anyone’s permission to start fresh. New beginnings come whenever and wherever you like. A fresh start doesn’t negate the work you’ve already put in.

3. Starting Is Not Enough

The first step to getting your dream off of the ground is just starting. That’s a pretty big deal, but it’s not enough. Consistency picks up where starting left off. Start that thing, whatever it is, and stick with it.

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black female bloggers to know

4. No One Cares

They’re not watching as hard as you think. Not judging as hard as you think. Be you and be free and watch your authenticity be a magnet for more of the things you crave.

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5. Do You, Boo

The only permission you need to do whatever it is you want to do is the one in your gut that tells you it’s the right thing. Run everything through that sieve and drown out the noise.