Self-Love Series

I’ve been on a bit of a self-love bender as of late. I think it’s because once I started lathering myself in the love I’ve always wanted, life got so much better. It wasn’t a magic pill that instantly made my circumstances better, but it was just the jumpstart I needed to start demanding from my circumstances each and every drop of what I deserve.


Here at Make Life More Livable headquarters it’s only right that I pass this on to you both in spirit and in practice. We get tangible with our feelings around here. This is your handy-dandy list of FLX resources both free and paid, that are the self-love spark you need, guaranteed.

Let’s get to lovin’.


  • Seven Steps to Self Email Series: This weeklong email series breaks down the 7 components to master to be happy, whole and clear in your identity. I’m taking you on the journey I went through myself to shine some clarity into my life.

  • Loving&Breathing Jumpstart Journal: The Loving&Breathing Jumpstart Journal is a deep dive into the Seven Steps we dipped our toes in via the email series. Each step-by-step section has its own dedicated prompts and thought starters to guide you along your practice. This is the catalyst you need to launch you into the me-time you’ve been missing.


  • Episode 4

  • Episode 5

Forbidden Luxe TV

  • Self Love Journal Series 1

  • Self Love Journal Series 2

  • Self Love Journal Series 3


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