The proof is in the puddin'. Here's a peek of a #GutCheck Wednesday from week's past. You'll want to get on this list ASAP. 

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"There are some who are forgotten - not because they don't matter, but because they don't participate"

Currently (still) reading Favor With Kings and in this current chapter I’m realizing that sometimes doing nothing, passivity, is the same thing as making a conscious decision one way or another. People like to skirt around loopholes with technicalities, but let’s be clear; doing nothing vs. doing something are both deliberate actions. There is no Switzerland. 

And maybe, you’re okay with that. Perhaps staying neutral works in your friend group or on your team at work or even in your family. Have you ever stopped to consider though, how habits form and seep into all areas of your life? As much as we want to compartmentalize our lives into pretty little categories, the ink always runs. Work problems come home with you. Family drama affects how you perceive your friendships. Life’s not black and white.

You’ve heard the adage that how you practice is the way you’ll perform. Choosing to sit on the fence for others is making it easier for you, bit by bit, to choose to sit on the fence when it counts most: for yourself.

#GutCheck: Are you showing up for yourself, for your life?

I’ll do it tomorrow.

When I get this then I can start working on that.

This project is only a hobby anyway.

It’s normal to hate your entry-level job.

Love like that is only in movies.

There are things we accept because we lack the passion to actually show up. (Click to Tweet)

Brick by brick. Decision by decision. Each time you choose to be Switzerland in the face of otherwise you’re choosing to live a life that fades before you even take your last breath.

What about your legacy? What about your joy, your gifts, your fulfillment, your purpose, your cause, the list goes on. You’d never come right out and say screw all of those things, but here’s the thing: being passive about them is the same. exact. thing.

It’s time to get re-energized, re-motivated, disciplined. It’s time to have the courage to make decisions one way or another instead of choosing to be neutral and lukewarm.

No one ever got anywhere by choosing to be the peacemaker. Ruffled feathers aren’t always a bad thing.

Shake the table on your life. It’s time.

Ash, Your Digital Accountability Partner