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Every morning I wake up and remind myself that there are mediocre people outwinning me right now. 

It's not meant to position myself as better or more worthy, but it does remind me that if I don't do the work I will stay where I am. 

Once I took off the glasses of a consumer and put on those of a #girlboss I realized that there are a lot of brands, side-hustlers and corporate climbers who are winning right now simply because they have the guts to. 

As I'm sure you've discovered, it takes more than a great idea and the skill to back it up to flourish. You also have to be willing to put yourself out there, to ask for what you deserve, to demand the space that's rightfully yours.

People hate millennials because we were taught that we are the best at everything. Multiply that times millions of people and you can see why that would cause a bit of an issue. Everyone can't be the best. Some people will be mediocre, at best, forever. But, even those people have the guts to step out into the world, to start a blog, to launch a t-shirt line, to promote their mixtape...

#GutCheck: What are you doing with the skillset that actually makes you great?

I'll let you in on a little secret: being bold will get you in the room, but it won't keep you there.

Being bold will get you into the room, but it won't keep you there. Hard work and great results will. 


Knowing this to be true, don't you want to take that thing you're actually good at and do something with it? Imagine the power a little boldness will bring. 

It's time to shake off that timidity and go get what's yours. Make it different. Make it good. You'll have no choice but to win. 

Live on purpose, 

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