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The 7-day email series for getting to know yourself and uncovering your purpose.

I read somewhere once that working on your passions produces the same feeling as falling in love. I don’t like science enough to dig into the chemical truths of that statement, but it did make me wonder what it would feel like to be in love with every part of my life. How could I truly be fulfilled? And to know that, I’d need to know myself. That’s the thing that stumped me.

It seems like at one point or another we all face this crossroads. All these big questions start swirling around and getting them wrong feels like such a risk because your whole life’s attached to the answers and you don’t want to waste time.

Who am I?

What do I like?

Where do I want to be in 5 years?

Why am I here?

We all long for an inner compass that’s crystal-clear and breadcrumb-laden to guide us through the best life possible.

You want to know who you are and what your purpose is, but you don’t know how to figure it out. You want a life guided by passion and not a bunch of guesses.

The good news: you already have the answers, you just need to know where to look. When I learned who I was, figuring out what I wanted and where to go next was easy.



Seven Steps to Self is a guided email series that breaks down the 7 components you’ll need to work through to understand your identity.

Seven Steps to Self Email Series


It’s time to get clear on who you are and I’m taking you through my journey to shine some clarity on your life.


  • Self-Discovery: You always start with a baseline. Let’s figure out who you are first and foremost. This is about identifying what makes you, you.

  • Self-Acceptance: Pour some grace over everything you’ve uncovered so that you have the space to evolve and grow.

  • Self-Improvement: Without a gameplan, growth is just a pretty word. It’s time to write yours so that you can actually get moving towards a more fulfilled you.

  • Self-Discipline: A plan without consistency is simply a wish, but discipline is not so easy. Let’s learn the balance between getting it done and leaving a margin for error.

  • Self-Care: Design a routine that keeps you happy, healthy and ever-evolving.

  • Self-Affirmation: Learn how to be your own hype-man in a way that’s authentic.

  • Self-Love: Take everything you’ve learned and begin cultivating a life fueled by self-love.

Seven Steps to Self a 7-day email series that challenges us to let go of our expectations in search of our truths instead. Because until you know who you are, you really don’t know anything.

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