Ep 001: How To Do "It" Now

The thought of launching a podcast scared me at first. Would people listen to me? Am I interesting enough? In an instant the excitement this new idea created was eclipsed by fear. Feelings of inadequacy took my excitement's place as I thought about all the reasons I wasn't yet ready to launch this. 

You know what? It's not Sunday, but here we are. I'm launching today because the timing will never be right. I don't have the perfect microphone or editing software or radio talk show voice, but that will all come. What I do have is tenacity and pearls of wisdom to share with you, starting with all the tools you need to take the thing that you've been putting off and do it now. 

Sunday Musings Podcast

In Ep 001, you'll get the five tangible steps you'll need to start whatever you've been putting off. Time waits for no one. So take the leap now. 

Ready to take your new inspiration into the week with you? 

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Sunday MusingsAsh Nelson