Ep 002: What to Do When There's Nothing to Celebrate

I've learned that if we spend all our time waiting for our next breakthrough, we'll never truly learn how to be happy. Milestones are great, but so is living in the moments in between. In fact, that's where we spend most of our time. We live in the day-to-day, little-by-little that peak in a culmination of a momentary milestone. We celebrate, come down from our high and start all over again. 

It's that pattern that's taught us we have to be "doing" something in order to be worth something. So what do we do when there's no milestone in sight. When you don't have a degree on the way or a promotion or even a job you like. I'm here to tell you that when life looks like a bunch of sifting instead of accomplishing there's still lots worth celebrating. 

Sunday Musings Episode 002.jpg

In Ep 002, you'll learn exactly what to do to change your perspective. The glass is always half full, my friend.  

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Ash Nelson