Ep 007: How To Silence Your Inner Critic

It's Episode 007 and the #SundayMusings Podcast is getting a bit of housekeeping. Wondering where 1-6 went? I'm working backwards from the number of completion to make sure each episode is just right for you. Thanks for hanging in there as I get them back up for your listening pleasure. Now on to this week's episode...

Sometimes that little voice in our heads only serves to inject fear and doubt into our visions. A seed of doubt can go a long way in crushing dreams. That voice is nothing but insecurities manifested and if you let them grow, they'll stop you. 

Do you want your dreams more than you want to be comfortable? It's a question you'll have to decide definitively because on this walk to purpose-fulfilled there will be plenty of times when comfort looks a lot better than leveling up. That means you'll have to learn to quiet that inner critic in your head. 

Sunday Musings Podcast

In Ep 007, you'll learn the five options you have to get your inner critic to shut it. Sometimes all it takes is a split second of silence to take the leap. 

Ready to take your new inspiration into the week with you? 

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